The Mischievious Written Word

Yes, the written word is mischievous and expressing yourself clearly can get complicated. At Tazama, we understand that communicating clearly gives any brand (personal or business) respectability and a competitive edge.

Why professional copy editing and proofreading?

  • Professional editing and proofreading eliminates mistakes and inconsistencies from your writing ensuring credibility of message to your target audience. Our team of professional editors will proofread your work ensuring that communication errors and misunderstandings are avoided.
  • Readers do not pay attention to anything that doesn't hold their interest. Poorly written documents, no matter how captivating the topic, result in inattention—your writing a wasted effort. We tailor our editing services to suit your needs and clearly convey your intention.

Our editing process involves copy editing, stylistic editing, structural editing → word choice, sentence structure, extensive document correction, overall flow, cohesion & organisation.

Why professional writing?

Done your research and have all your background information? What next? Our strong writing skills will convey your ideas succinctly.

  • A well-written message draws readers in. Let us use our expertise to turn your notes, ideas and concepts into good copy for both print and website needs.

Your writing project can include original writing, rewrites (rough drafts) or collaborative writing.

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Our team of editors and writers can help. Pick a category below

Personal | Authors

You've come to the right place if...

  • You desire to express yourself clearly
  • You need your resume, cover letter or emails proofread or edited
  • You need editing or proofreading services for your manuscript, poetry, short story or play, query letters, synopsis
  • English is your Second Language & you need grammatical editing

Business | Organizations | Agencies

This is your gateway if you represent a business, agency or a Not-for-Profit and you'd like us to...

  • Copyedit and proofread your marketing and promotional materials
  • Edit, proofread and/or write your informational material
  • Proofread all your internal communications material
  • Edit and/or write your webcopy, blog

Students | Professors | Research Agencies

Step right in if need formatting, editing and/or proofreading for...

  • Your essay, thesis, dissertation, or Letter of Intent
  • Your conference abstracts/posters, presentations or proposals
  • Your journal article, book chapters, grant proposals
  • Your Personal Statement and/or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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All online payments are done through PayPal or Stripe Online Payment System. This is the easiest and most secure method of processing payments electronically. Our friendly team can help.

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Why Us?

Accuracy- Our editors are educated and experienced in their academic/technical fields (diversity)

Clarity- Excellent editing, writing, teaching and coaching skills (theoretical knowledge)

Convinience- Easy registration, uploading of documents and payment processing (PayPal)

Efficency- We work efficiently and deliver within deadlines

Our Guarantees

Privacy & Confidentiality
Your data is securely processed and stored throughout the editing/writing process. Personal data is not sent to third parties

We stand behind our work
We guarantee high quality editing for all documents. Note: decision to publish a mauncsript lies with the publisher

Excellent customer service
We meet client deadlines. Editors are knowledgeable in their specific fields and provide quality editorial support

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