Telling Your Story.... Building Your Brand

Marketing involves the processes that identify, predict, implement and satisfy client wants and needs while maximizing profits. It involves strategic planning (identifying and predicting client wants through information gathering and research) and tactical measures (implementing and satisfying client needs through various marketing mix models).

At Tazama, we utilize marketing models involving opportunity analysis, idea generation (ideation) and immersive marketing that provide you and your clients with fluid interactions resulting in holistic client relationships.

Our marketing strategies are data-driven (an approach that focuses on client insights) to develop, design and manage marketing campaigns covering all aspects of print, web and visual brand identity forging strong, seamless client interactions. Tazama also acts as your project consultant providing simple and customized knowledge-based input into other projected marketing plans.

Telling your story involves a strong focus on your audience: how to engage them, how to meet their needs and how to participate in constructive feedback between yourself and the client

We are knowledgeable in: print media marketing materials, digital marketing, relationship marketing, direct marketing, event marketing, immersive marketing and sensory marketing.

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Visualizing Your Story... Designing Your Brand

Branding and Idenity Development

Branding and identity development involves conveying information (images and words) about the company, product and/or service clearly, accurately and consistently across different communication mediums. We deliver solutions that reflect stable yet adaptable messages. A well-developed business identity results in credibility, a sense of trust and client loyalty.

Our brand and identity development process: concept design, layout and production, photography management and print management.

Communication and Promotion

Tazama offers design services for a wide range of print and digital communications products that convey your story through compelling visual messages, which includes re-design and re-format of recurring and non-recurring marketing materials —brochures, postcards, posters, cards (notices, invitations, thank you, etc), flyers, newsletters, substantial reports/proposals, hang tags, bookmarks, door hangers, decals, event materials, magazine/newspaper advertisements, etc

We have knowledge in concepts of newspaper and magazine ads, email broadcasts, designing catalogues (brainstorming, concepts layout and creating output files), book publishing (print & e-books), newsletters design, etc.

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Our Marketing Process

STEP 1: Plan

Business and marketing analysis—about your company, products/services, conduct client analysis, and perform competitive marketplace analysis (SWOT).

STEP 2: Measure

Brainstorming session—We develop and evaluate your marketing objectives and goals, address marketing budget: strategy budget, resources, target markets.

STEP 3: Research

Situation analytics—judge scope of project, compose statement of purpose, collect and analyze customer behaviour indexes, select appropriate research tools, synthesize and integrate collected information.

STEP 4: Implement

Marketing strategy into action— communicate to all key persons involved, marketing plan designed to meet your marketing objectives and goals, performance measures.

STEP 5: Optimize

Performance evaluation—Consultation at a later date evaluating the chosen marketing strategies and goals. We make sure chosen strategies can be analyzed, measured and evaluated.

Tazama (v): { Swahili:— to direct one's attention toward something, to look at, to see, to watch }