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We ask the right questions, to the right people and the right way

Information is power and marketing research keeps you competitive. At Tazama, we explore and transform management problems and abstract ideas into marketing research questions resulting in focused, manageable and tangible projects.

Marketing Research: Turning data into consumer and business insights

We offer customized marketing research services tailored to each project requirement.Through marketing research, we can identify opportunity and risk. Also, our role involves evaluating marketing research for validity, reliability, integrity and applicability—avoiding costly decisions.

Why Choose Marketing Research?

  • Marketing research findings have important consequences to the identity development of a bussiness/organization.
  • Well-adopted research findings have significant implications on the bottom line for any business/organization (profit margin or donation contribution levels).

By focusing on research, Tazama emphasizes the role of well-supported marketing strategies that are valid and reliable so that your business/organization achieves its target goals. Tazama develops marketing research solutions that empower small to medium sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations create, manage, and analyze their own marketing campaigns.

We do

  • Consumer marketing research- research consumer behaviour
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing research- detecting shifts in the market and industry
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Our Process

Problem Formulation & Cost - Value Analysis

You formulate the problem and we translate it into a marketing research question. We identify important variables and their relationships. We address budget requirements in an effort to balance cost and value.

Method of Inquiry & Research Design

The entire research project framework- the research approach: quantitative (objective) or qualitative (subjective), the research method: experimental or non-experimental and research analysis techniques.

Data Planning & Sampling

Selected methods of data collection and sampling techniques, processes and sizes.

Sample Population & Data Collection

Action stage- the research design data/information from population sample is collected.

Analysis/Interpretation of Data & Research Report

Interpretation of the information collected. The research report- a concise and accurate record of the research project including interpretation of results and proposed course of action.

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