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Tazama (v): { Swahili:— to direct one's attention toward something, to look at, to see, to watch }

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All your communication material must be visually appealing and present your message in an accessible manner. Good writing and editing provides assures this criteria is met.

We know how to create clean, crisp, appealing and accessible content for different range of media. Everything is done professionally saving you time and money.

  • We highlight your mistakes and suggest corrections.
  • Your research paper is formatted and polished for impact.
  • Revision of all technical documents and manuals for clarity.
  • Grammar editing (spelling, punctuation, verb tense, sentence structure) and proofreading document for clarity and flow.
    • You retain control over you final document (we never make corrections to your document).
  • Documents are edited according to APA, MLA, CSE or Chicago style or Oxford Style Manual guidelines.

Academic documents → scientific essays, research essays, research extracts, doctoral theses, poster presentations, case studies, book reports, research proposals, periodical articles, journal articles, University publications-bulletins, speeches, poster presentations, cover letters, research grant proposals/applications, educational and training modules etc.

We proofread for biases, offensive material or copyright infringement. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with the document's author(s) and not with Tazama.

The decision to publish lies with the publisher.

Our editing and writing services are tailored to suit your project needs and schedule. We offer various timelines to meet your budget and deadline.

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  • We accept MS Word, CorelWord and PDF file formats

Every editing and writing project is unique. The time and cost for each project is largely dependent on the individual service package being delivered for a client and all that encompasses it. You will get a detailed, customized proposal and estimate. For the occasional project (large or small) that has specific areas beyond our professional and creative qualifications,Tazama will consult with strategic partners within the community and collaborate with these qualified professionals in relation to the specific area.
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Meetings to discuss project(s) are available via Skype for clients who cannot attend in-person appointments at our office

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