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Tazama (v): { Swahili:— to direct one's attention toward something, to look at, to see, to watch }

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As mischievous as the written word gets, when professionally edited it allows for effective communication of vital business information.

We know how to create clean, crisp, appealing and accessible content for different range of media. Everything is done professionally saving you time and money.

  • Our professional business editing style allows businesses to stand apart from competitors. Professional copyediting and proofreading enhances credibility and improves brand identity.
  • Our services provide clarity and ease of readership while maintaining professional language necessary for effective communication.

Business documents → research reports, marketing materials, business information materials, annual reports, project books, marketing reports, presentations, business letters, contracts, business communications, speeches, news releases, articles, media material, fact sheets, presentations etc.

Technical documents → technical reports, instruction manuals, educational and training modules, historical writing, text writing (museum information panels), etc.

Special interest documents → website content, news, press releases, interviews, etc.

We will proofread all your business communications → emails, memos, website copy, business proposals, reports, presentations, contracts, marketing materials, grant proposals and informational material.

  • Tazama maintains a high degree of privacy and security when handling all documents. They are never made public— Tazama uses a secure network for all communication purposes. Your information is edited with great sensitivity to avoid breach of privacy and confidentiality. All document copies are destroyed within 30 days. Rest assured, you can use Tazama as your internal editing and writing service department.

We proofread for biases, offensive material or copyright infringement. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with the document's author(s) and not with Tazama.

Our editing and writing services are tailored to suit your project needs and schedule. We offer various timelines to meet your budget and deadline.

  • Register or Log into the secure Client Log-In Area and upload your documents
  • We accept MS Word, CorelWord and PDF file formats

Let our professional business editing services distinguish you...and your brand.

Every editing and writing project is unique. The time and cost for each project is largely dependent on the individual service package being delivered for a client and all that encompasses it. You will get a detailed, customized proposal and estimate. For the occasional project (large or small) that has specific areas beyond our professional and creative qualifications,Tazama will consult with strategic partners within the community and collaborate with these qualified professionals in relation to the specific area.
We are happy to help— Call, email or drop us a note to discuss your project

Meetings to discuss project(s) are available via Skype for clients who cannot attend in-person appointments at our office

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