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Tazama (v): { Swahili:— to direct one's attention toward something, to look at, to see, to watch }

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Tazama provides its clients and their businesses effective marketing, design and communication tools. Ideation (idea generation) is the foundation for our marketing and design processes- Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas and restructuring old ideas. It is essential for innovation, development and actualization.

Our marketing services include immersive marketing, direct marketing, affinity marketing, internet marketing, short-burst marketing, information-based marketing, print marketing, event marketing, sensory marketing and digital marketing (web marketing- SEO principles, email marketing, development of social media campaign, etc.).

Our design/communication services include:

  • Promotional communication- brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, cards (invitations, thank you, etc), hang tags, bookmarks, door hangers, decals, event materials, speciality promotional material, promotional letters (detailed information about company and products/services for prospective clients), magazine/newspaper advertisements, etc.
  • Branding-logo design, watermark design, business cards, calendars, business information packages, retouching and colour adjustments on images, manipulating images for web and print, newsletters, substantial reports, etc.
  • We also provide printing services for your business and communicate with the printing companies.

A comfortable time frame for designing marketing/promotional materials is 2 to 3½ weeks plus printing time for print-based projects provided content/graphics have been provided.

  • Typical branding design jobs start at $475

Three things needed from client for projects:

  1. The purpose of your print/digital design product
  2. The main message you want to project to your clients and the public
  3. Images or any communications material
    • Please make sure you have copyrights or rights to use them; prepare content/text (drafts) to use on your materials to support your graphics and organization's mandate. Tazama can help with content editing/writing and design of graphics but the basics (general information/research and examples of images) must still be provided

Every marketing, communication and design project story is unique. The time and cost for each project is largely dependent on the individual service package being delivered for a client and all that encompasses it. You will get a detailed, customized proposal and estimate. For the occasional project (large or small) that has specific areas beyond our professional and creative qualifications,Tazama will consult with strategic partners within the community and collaborate with these qualified professionals in relation to the specific area.
We are happy to help— Call, email or drop us a note to discuss your project

Meetings to discuss project(s) are available via Skype for clients who cannot attend in-person appointments at our office

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