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Tazama (v): { Swahili:— to direct one's attention toward something, to look at, to see, to watch }

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  • All online payments are done through PayPal or Stripe Online Payment System. This is the easiest and most secure method of processing payments electronically.
  • You do not require a PayPal account for credit card payments via PayPal. Likewise, you do not need a Stripe account for credit card payments. However, you will need a PayPal account for payments done through debit card accounts.

Meetings to discuss project(s) are available via Skype for clients who cannot attend in-person appointments at our office.

Marketing and Communication Services

  • Fees for marketing services are based entirely on the breadth and scope of the marketing project.

Website Design, Redesign and Development

  • All web design services fees are project-based.
  • Payments are completed in two phases: 1st instalment (phase 1)=75%; 2nd instalment (phase 2)=25%. You have the option to change it once before phase 3—already approved and building in progress.
  • Web design services invoices are submitted at the 1st and 2nd instalment.

Marketing Research

  • Fees for marketing research projects is based entirely on the breadth and scope of the research question (project-based).

Editing and Writing

  • Our services is based on three pricing guidelines points: 1) the type of service required (editing, proofreading or writing), 2) the length of the work and, 3) the timeline (deadline).
  • We keep you apprised of progress. Clients will be notified if any additional work is required and the fees associated with it.
  • For small to medium sized projects, invoices are sent upon completion of project. For larger projects, invoices are sent based on payment agreement timelines (project landmarks) set between Tazama Co. and the client.
  • Written project rates are based on length, research required and number of revision. Once the project specifics are known an estimate is provided.

We are happy to help— For all your payment matters, our friendly team is ready to help. Call, email or drop us a note.

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