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Tazama's marketing research approach involves high-performance analytics process: What information or knowledge do you want to collect? How can we get to that knowledge (answers)? What analytical tools should be used to analyze this knowledge? What is methods should be used to implement the processed information? How do we use this knowledge for quantifiable results?

  • Our specialization is neuro-marketing research involving niche market segments (focusing on key factors to create highly-specialized marketing products)
  • Examples of marketing research areas: industry-specific research (detailed research about your industry, long-range goals) or demographic/general research (age, gender, income, etc., characteristics, brand image), customer satisfaction surveys (what your customers think/say about your products/services), product and service development research (discover if your product or service is market-ready), etc.
    • Example—Integrated marketing research: Marketing research to identify differentiators (between products and services or between clients and prospects) — Conduct phone interviews (e.g., 120 respondents split between prospects and clients ask 25 questions, find their top four most valued attributes), statistical processing, drawing inferences (do their attributes match yours and how does that affect your bottom line?)—Such research helps a business's closing rate. Package inclusive costs about $40,000.

Marketing research is all about collecting and analyzing information. As a boutique marketing research firm we do: Brand Attittude Research, Segmentation Research, Positioning Research, Ad Tracking, Brand Association Research, Competitive Intelligence Analysis, Competitive Maerket Perception Analysis, Advertising Research, Marketing Effectiveness, Internet Intelligence Strategy, Brand Equity, Predictive Analysis, Demand Estimation- see which products are profitable (stock more of them), Revenue Diversification Analytics (analyse different sources of revenue= broadening markets), Concept Testing, Customer Satisfaction Research.

  • Our goal is delivering your brand's promise—don't forget your loyal customers= the cost of acquiring a new client is higher than retaining an existing one

Every marketing research project story is unique.The time and cost for each project is largely dependent on the individual research package being delivered for a client and all that encompasses it. You will get a detailed, customized proposal and estimate. For the occasional project (large or small) that has specific areas beyond our professional and creative qualifications,Tazama will consult with strategic partners within the community and collaborate with these qualified professionals in relation to the specific area.
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